Sunday, April 13, 2014


So, I have avoided being on my computer for many days, which is mostly due to my continuing process of putting my new home in order.  Each of these things takes time and I am in the "get things in order" mode at the moment, hence, the computer has taken a back seat to lots of other things to be done.  My apologies to those I have yet to respond to.  It will happen, I promise.  

I continue to take the walks to the Rock and along the Embarcadero with an occasional stop at the bakery. I still have the whole suck me in from the street with the aromas thing going on.  Though I am doing much better with my choices and avoiding most of the pastries and sweet items in the shop.  Definitely a challenge.  I am getting a stronger will with all of this.

There have been some amazing sunrises and sunsets and cloud formations during the days and nights.  The rains we had cleaned everything, including the Rock and the air and have really greened up the surrounding hills. We even had some hail one afternoon which is unusual for here,   All of Mother Nature feels happy and healthy and very much alive.  This  rather sums up how I feel being here.

I keep forgetting to mention that this area is a bird sanctuary (or maybe I did and forgot) which explains all the bird sounds and songs I hear on a continuous basis.  This morning around 4:30 I had  a wonderful specimen outside my window (open) singing its little heart out.  I continue to be unable to identify them and if Ann Marie was here she could probably identify them all in a heart beat.  There is a resident woodpecker in the neighborhood and if I close my eyes I think I am in the forests of the mountains.  Pretty cool.

I discovered a small frog attempting to stay warm in some items I had stacked outside on the deck.  He/she really wanted to stay there as I had a difficult time convincing it to leap onto some soil.  I have yet to hear it and Chris tells me they make a very loud sound for how tiny they really are.  We are hoping it she/he will find a spot here and stay.  Bird and frog sounds are a lovely way to go to sleep at night and awaken to in the mornings.

We had some rather warm days here and then some fog that arrived a few days ago.  The fog usually fades by noon and then it is sunny and warm again.  Chris helped me string a clothes line so I can again hang my sheets out to dry.  Yes, air dried sheets tonight!  She is so kind, generous and thoughtful and I will certainly share my winnings  (perhaps the pot at the end of that rainbow) with her. 

 Remember the wonderful large pile of balancing rocks created by unknown persons?  I believe it was made sometime last year when I was here.  Well, someone complained to the City that it was a safety hazard and I was there to watch the employee make short work of demolishing the amazing structure.  

What took many, many hours to construct by many, many people, took only a few minutes by one person with a crow bar to destroy.  This is how it looks today.  Sad. I guess some people feel they are not responsible for or are unable to control their actions.  So, the rest of us have had this incredible piece of art removed from our view.  Millie and I have great discussions about this issue.

And then we are graced with a lovely Great Blue Heron at the waters edge who stood very still while I did my best at capturing his/her elegance.  They appear so stately and royal and are such a joy to see.  Thank you, Universe!!!

To All Those Celebrating,
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Matt!
Happy Birthday, Shea!
Happy Birthday, Ryan!
Happy Birthday, Jeannie!
Happy Birthday, Deanne
Happy Birthday, Cindi!

Happy Birthday, Cara!
Happy Birthday, Jennifer!
Happy Birthday, Erin!
Happy Birthday, Kelly!
Happy Birthday, Mary!
Happy Birthday, Debi!

The only limits you have
are the limits you believe!
Dr, Wayne Dyer

 Enjoy you being limitless!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


How in the world did it get to be April already?  We are just now getting the much needed and appreciated rain which is keeping the hills green and hopefully adding to all of the surrounding reservoirs.  Thankfully, winter has arrived here.  Something tells me the seasons are a bit confused, or is it me!

Enjoy our Coastal Fragrance!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I send a huge "Thank You" to Tim, Darlene, Millie, and Gaytrell, for storing my belongings for the past several years.  I am grateful each of you were willing to safely keep these items until I was ready to retrieve them.  And Gaytrell, thanks for continuing to hold onto what you have.

Thank you Sandy and Chris for helping me unload the van when I arrived home in Morro Bay.  It would have taken me forever and I probably would have hurt myself trying to handle some of the heavier items.  I am very grateful.

I am blessed to have each of you in my life.  I wish each of you your hearts desire.

Monday, March 24, 2014


My recent trip to the Sacramento area was a clear reminder of one of the reasons I love being at the central coast (Morro Bay).  This one reason is allergies.  I was feeling the itchy eyes, running nose, itchy corners of the mouth and post nasal drip in less than a day after I arrived there.  I fortunately found the specific remedy that seems to work for me on Friday and managed to make it through the pollen days and nights until I arrived back home on Sunday.

I simply must remember that Spring is the time of year when I need to avoid the valleys and foothills of California.  There are so many wonderful trees and flowers everywhere which are amazing and beautiful and they all provide ample pollen that only seems to cause me serious issues.  While driving home I used the a/c in order to be able to keep my eyes clear and keep from having to blow my nose every two minutes.

I enjoy driving Hwy 101 between Morro Bay and the turn off for Hollister, the quick stop at Casa de Fruita and then over Pacheco Pass which eventually connects with I-5.  This entire stretch is filled with various colors of green from the planted fields to the large amounts of leafing trees in every shade of green imaginable.  There are areas of yellow flowers that almost make a carpet which would be very tempting to walk through.

Flowers of all colors are plentiful and sometimes so vibrant it draws ones attention away from the road traveled.  It is very important to stay on task since these are mostly two lane roads and getting more heavily traveled by those who have discovered my secret route.  This is, of course, to shorten the distance one would need to drive on I-5, which in my opinion, is one of the most boring highways to drive along.

It has improved over the years since I first drove it back in the early 70's when it opened to traffic from Stockton to Southern California.  Dating myself here.  At that time there was nothing along the route.  No commercial businesses, homes or fields of produce or places to stop and take care of business.  So it has improved a lot since that time, though for me, I would much rather take the route I do instead. I still have to pass by an odd place on I-5 called Crows Landing.  The wire fences surrounding it are excessively tall and the top curves inward.  It gives me the creeps and I usually say a little prayer when passing by.

My trip was successful in that I collected belongings from Tim and Darlene's and Millie's and enjoyed meals and time with each of them.  I was happy to see my chiropractor in Auburn who easily put me back together.  I am looking for someone here who will do the same.  I also had the opportunity to have lunch at Flower Farm with Gaytrell.  The Flower Farm has expanded its nursery and is looking beautiful and cared for and filled with all sorts of growing things.  Eating outside surrounded by all this nature was so relaxing and peaceful.

I am glad I rented the size van I did as it was quite full by the time I left Millie's.  I had a few over sized items that would not have fit through the motor home door, hence the rental of a van.  Everything made the transition well and all are awaiting a place in my new home.  This truly is my home now and I am so glad to be here.  (Think I might have mentioned this before!)

My travels over the past five days have presented lots of wild life.  Everything from the soaring hawks and buzzards, and grazing geese, to baby cows, horses, sheep, young elephant seals, zebra  and a coyote.  There are many other birds and one actually started to hop into my studio while I had the door open.  Fortunately it went back out before getting trapped inside and I grateful to have dodged having to clean up feathers, etc.  That would have been interesting.

I am gradually getting things organized and settled in the studio and realizing I am going through another purge.  I feel it is time to pare down to bare bones.  The City of Morro Bay does an annual garage sale (April 5 and 6) and this is a perfect opportunity to share all of these wonderful things with others who will look at it as new for them.  Time to let go of so much more than I realized I had.  There is, however, a stuffed musical moving snowman, which was my dogs favorite thing to watch at Christmas, that will have to go to a very special home.

For now, I will be very selective of what actually has a place in my small studio home.  These will be items that are useful and/or have a particular meaning or purpose at this time.  This feels as though I am redefining myself in some ways and what I choose to be with me now will be very specific and carefully thought out.  It will be very interesting to see how this all develops and expresses.

To All Those Celebrating,
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Travis!
Happy Birthday, Teri!
Happy Birthday, Carol!
Happy Birthday, Judy!

We all have a beautiful light within....
We just sometimes forget that it is there!
 - John Holland

Enjoy your light!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Well, I have successfully moved most of my belongings into the small studio I will be calling home, for who knows how long.  I am very thrilled to be here and to be putting roots into the ground once again.  It feels so right to be here, now.  It is a challenge to put into words how excited, happy, peaceful and joyous I am at this point.  I will strive to do this as I continue my Adventure here in Morro Bay.

I truly thought my traveling would last quite a bit longer than the almost two years that I have been out there.  However, it is crucial that I trust and follow the guidance I feel from within.  All of my indicators say here and now.  So, trusting, here I am.  And all I can say is "Yea!"  And "Thank You, Universe!"  I am so blessed to be here and I am very grateful for this blessing.

My walks to the Rock, Embarcadero and Harbor have brought many variances each time I venture there.  We have had many mornings of glorious sunshine with thin wisps of clouds that display amazing colors.  What a way to start the day.
A recent morning was filled with fog.  Walking to the rock was curious since I was unable to view the rock due to the denseness of the fog.  Then as the fog started to clear and slowly revealed the rock and it also gave the stacks an eerie look as the sun was rising.

This morning the moon was setting over the rock as the sun was rising in the opposite part of the sky, so there was a great contrast in colors and hues that was difficult to capture in a picture.  I shall continue to do my best with picture taking and having fun in the process.  It is always a surprise as I take my morning walks and marvel at the abundance of differences every day.

Chris has been a dear making certain that I am comfortable and settled and needs met in the studio.  Having known each other for over fifteen years is making it a smooth and easy transition for me.  She is in the process of remodeling her kitchen and hence is a bit stressed without the full functioning kitchen.  Hopefully just a few more weeks.

It is rather comical that we run into each other quite often near the beach, the rock or somewhere in between in the mornings.  Sometimes Duke, her awesome dog, is in tow and he always lets me get my dog fix by loving all over him.  He has the sweetest heart and such a loving demeanor.  I think he is one of a kind and I am grateful I get to share his space when I do.

I am off to Sacramento tomorrow to gather things from Tim and Darlene's, and Millie's, and to visit my chiropractor in Auburn.  It will be a quick trip since I have to rent a van to get everything from there, to here in Morro Bay.  I would have driven the motor home, however, a few of the items will not fit through the door of the motor home.  Who would have thought that would ever be an issue?  Obviously not me!

Once I get things settled here, and have sold the motor home, then I can do a leisurely drive to visit family and friends in the area.  Of course, they can always come here for a visit.  I know a motel in the area that gives a very good discount.  This is always a good thing to know.

The hills are green now and the drive into San Luis is so delightful.  JoAnn was kind enough to take me today and we had lunch with Loren, Don, Joyce and Pete at New Frontiers.  The weather was perfect, the hills the most lushous green and the flowers are blooming everywhere, making it even better.  

JoAnn will be returning home to Wisconsin at the end of the month so she is taking every advantage of the weather and the beauty of the area before she departs.  She expects to return here again next winter for a few months to get away from the cold and snow.  Her sister, Carol, and her husband, Eric, and the rest of us will be looking forward to her return then.

Joyce and Pete will be taking me to the Enterprise rental office in the morning. Bless the rental place for finding a vehicle that will work for my needs.  There are no cargo vans available so they agreed to rent me a fifteen passenger van and take out the seats for me and replace them when I return it.  I am most grateful for this.  Everyone is so nice and helpful in this area.  One of the many reasons for being here for now.

So, I am mostly packed and ready to go in the morning.  It will be nice to return with all of the items everyone has been kindly keeping for me, and then I can put my little space together and have it be all organized and comfortable.  I currently am functioning out of the motor home and bags.  A less than perfect situation.  Thankfully, temporary.

Then I only need to acquire a bed and a table and I will be all set.  There is a city wide garage sale in a few weeks and I expect I will find what I am looking for without spending a small fortune for them.  I helped Joyce and Pete last year and will probably do so again this year.  It is amazing how many people come into town for the event.  It gets a little crazy as a lot of people just walk on the streets without being conscious of the vehicles.  Could be danger there...

Hold good thoughts for me as I travel for the next several days and return to get things settled.  After that I will be doing some pet sitting for the locals.  My first pet will arrive March 27th for seven days.  I am looking forward to all the dog fixes I will have.  This will sustain me until the animal for me arrives.  I am still waiting!

To all those celebrating,

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, JoAnn!

Happy Birthday, Jonah!
Happy Birthday, Lynette!
Happy Birthday, Sharon!
Happy Birthday, Ellie!
Happy Birthday, Jacqueline!
Happy Birthday, Stacey!

Happy Birthday, Jan!

The glory of gardening:
hands in the dirt,
head in the sun,
heart with nature.
To nurture a garden is
to feed not just the body,
but the soul.
Alfred Austin

Enjoy your garden!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Oh my gosh, how could one person be so busy? I make one little change in my life, (deciding to land in Morro Bay) and all of a sudden I have a million things to do to make it all happen easily.

Putting together an information sheet for the sale of my RV, take it to the stationary store to get it printed (I don't have a printer) and have the converter replaced in the RV that had gone south. Coordinating with Chris about helping her to paint and where I'll get my mail, (do I need a P O box?), mailing cards and calling family on birthdays, prepping articles for the online SLOCOASTJOURNAL, and getting next months article completed ahead of time.  (Done!)

I have taken several trips with friends to SLO for supplies, lunches with friends and visits from friends and walks to the rock and along the shore of the harbor. I also went to San Simeon with Joyce, etc., to help celebrate her brother-in-law's 90th birthday.  I have been able to hang sheets out in the sun to air dry. We have rain today (2/26) and predicted for the next several days (YEA!!!) and they are telling us snow in the mountains. Life is grand.

I have found several wonderful things in the local shops that have great sayings on them and I have actually seen a few items of interest. I actually gave up shopping when I started on my Adventure due to space. Now I will be very aware so I avoid gathering too many things. I gave away so much when I left and it was a great lightening thing to do. Now I want to keep it this way in case I need to make a quick getaway.

One odd thing is that almost all of my shoes are uncomfortable, with the exception of the new moccasins I now have. I have a pair for driving and a pair for walking. They are soft and non confining, give where I need them to give and are much more forgiving on my feet. The only thing is they are not the best for walking on the streets or in the rain. I shall work on figuring this out.

I have gotten back to crocheting and I am excited to be able to play in the dirt. I have a few pots Darlene has kept for me and I did purchase a small pot of eight baby succulents that I can transplant. 

Since I purchased it the tiny plants are growing wildly and are screaming for new homes.  I found a small piece of a jade plant that I now have roots growing from and that will grow wonderfully here.

I am wanting to cook again. It has been a bit restrictive in the RV just because of the propane and large pots and pans. The studio has a larger size refrigerator which will be wonderful. The one in the RV is good, just a bit on the small size.

I'm unsure why these yearnings though I am certain that one day it will all be clear to me. Until then, I will just keep plugging away at whatever is pulling on my heart strings and love whatever it may be at that moment.

To all those celebrating,
Happy Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday, Sharon!

Happy Belated Anniversary, Mike and Suzy!

Happy Birthday, Marci!
Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

The sun,
with all those planets
revolving around it
and depending on it,
can still ripen a bunch of grapes
as if it had nothing else
in the universe
to do.

Enjoy your doing!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Sounds of the Central Coast

We have survived the much needed storms and are now experiencing the calm after.  The hills are getting greener and the air is fresh after the bathing of the rains.  All is well.

There were technical difficulties with the Journal recently and hence two video's appear in the article rather than the pictures I submitted.