Friday, January 2, 2015


Photo from Jen!

The ending of a year
and the beginning of another year
is a very curious thing. 

 Most of us close each year with a celebration of some sort.  There is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more, all representative of varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It seems in each way, there are gifts offered and received, wishes offered and received, and prayers offered and received.  They all seem to be a celebration of sorts based on some event that had occurred in their cultural/ethnic  past.

This appears to be fitting for closing a year.  Celebrate all of the events and happenings which occurred from start to finish.  Celebrate all the ups and downs.  While the ups may have brought us great joy, the downs perhaps have given us much learning and new perspectives on what had transpired.  It is all to be celebrated as it all brings us to the present.

 And too, the new year is to be celebrated as we are now about to begin again to work and stride towards our goals and desires and somehow fulfill our most precious dreams.  Perhaps in that instant between the ending year and the beginning year we may receive some sort of inspiration or insight that will aid us as we move forward.

In a sense it seems rather silly to think that in that instant we will transform our lives and become someone we want to be.  How can this happen in an instant?  Many will tell you it has happened to them.  That they felt they had new life breathed into them and it sparked a transformation of how they then lived their lives.  Others will shrug and sigh at the thought of having to endure just another year of the same.

I think we all have a choice of what will occur in that instant.  I think this may occur at any time that we choose.  I think we are capable of generating that spark at any time to make any change that we may want.  I think all we may need to do is decide and point and go.  Decide what we want, point ourselves in the direction that will take us there, and take that first step.  Yes, take that first step.

So, for me, this ending/beginning instant will be perfect as I set out to do more in my community.  I intend to purchase mostly "Made in America" goods and perhaps start a small garden of my own.  I intend to eat as healthy as possible and I know this includes some desserts.  I intend to have as much joy in my life as  possible.  And I intend to express myself in loving ways that will honor you and me as we explore this new frontier of a "New Year!"

Wishing you a safe, joyful, prosperous,
and magnificent "instant"
to take you on whatever
wondrous adventure is to your liking.

Happy New Year!

Photo from Jen!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!


Cambria Christmas Lights

Wishing each of you
a most wondrous season
filled with joy and laughter 
and most of all, heartfelt love.
I am grateful for each of you in my life.
  And yes, even those I have yet to meet.  

Cambria Christmas Lights

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Early Morning Mid December

When did this happen?  Where was I?  Where was everybody else?  Wasn't anybody watching?  Seriously!!!  So, here I am just minding my own business here on the Central Coast and all of a sudden it is the middle of December.  I am still enjoying left over turkey from Thanksgiving.  (Don't panic, it has been frozen!)

Early morning Moon Set
I also have one of three packages shipped and the bulk of cards are in the mail, so I am ahead of things in my account.  I am just failing to remember all that happened between Thanksgiving and now.  I guess I should have realized the time thing since I have received packages and cards and everything is showing signs of Christmas.  Red, green and white colors are everywhere in decorations all over town and it is very festive.

We had the lighted boat parade, which was lovely, although my pictures didn't turn out very well because I was so far away.  The crowd was very mellow and the weather was perfect.  Zero wind left the harbor water smooth as glass, and with all the reflections of the lights on the water, it was magical.  My favorite was the Christmas tree.  The flame throwing dragon was absent.  There was also a very "partying" party boat containing, what sounded as, persons in various stages of intoxication.  The skipper must have been sober as the vessel stayed its course as boisterous banters continued between those on board and those on shore.

Sunset appears to be a fire storm after the rain,
We all seem to be no worse for wear here after the "huge" storm.  Lots of wind, with the Harbor reporting one gust at 72 mph, and rain, measured at almost two inches at the Harbor.  A full rainbow covered the rock early that one morning and that was beautiful. Surrounding areas had more, so it all helps as the hills are finally turning green.  It has been way too long.  The aftermath generated a spectacular sunset the last night.  And the following morning, while cool, was beautiful.  Everything is super clean and refreshed and feels ready for whatever is next.

Sunset after storm
My poor mums were rather beaten up and rain soaked and it seems two may be done for the season.  I put everything close together for protection which actually worked fairly well.  A limb broke off of the tree in the front yard.  Thankfully it was small and there is no damage.  I can't say the same for the rest of the town.  I heard of power outages and lots of debris down throughout.  The surf and waves over the jetty was amazing.

Old Glory standing guard as sunset reflects on clouds.
My heart goes out to all those adversely affected by the storm on both coasts.  A whole community in Camarillo was slammed by a mud/rock slide where debris reached the roof tops of two story homes.  While no one was seriously injured, they are saying it will be months to restore the area.  The pictures were shocking.

Coast Guard vessel on the right.  Lights on both.
There is so much energy from the ocean.  When it is stormy it is major intensified.  It was interesting to watch the Coast Guard standing by as a few small fishing boats braved a passage through the harbor entrance.  Then there were two party fishing boats attempting to go out.  After about twenty minutes of waiting and watching, both felt is was too unsafe and returned to the docks.  I'm certain boat owners and fishermen were all disappointed.  Still, better safe than sorry.

It is fun to see the on lookers who brave the elements and go out to the jetty to watch.  Some are in awe and some seem a bit careless by getting a bit too close to harms way.  To each their own.  I have to admit, it is comforting to know that we have our own Coast Guard personnel here ready to do what is needed of them.  I enjoy watching them as they protect those traversing the harbor entrance, which can be quite dangerous.

So, my only gripe is that Trader Joe's changed their Almond Butter.  It now has cashews in it and it is now in a plastic jar instead of glass.  I rarely let things bother me. Takes too much energy away from other things I prefer to give my attention to.  Anyway, this one gnawed at me just enough to prompt me to send them an email.  To date, no response.  I am sure they will return this product to its original state just because I want them to.  (Ha ha!)  At least they now know my feelings as I have expressed them.  Done!

Finches!!!  I have gold finches and more.  It is awesome to see and listen to them.  A few of the swallows have taken to hanging on the feeders to get seed as well.  This aspect of my little yard is so calming and joy producing.  I also can report that my succulents are thriving.  The once tiny little plants are now huge and beautiful and have developed into some amazing specimens.  So, overall, my space is perfect.  

Joyce and I went to the Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo and we spied this little fellow:

Who will one fine day magically transform into one of these:

During my morning swims, when it is early and things have yet to reach full momentum for the day, it is always fun to watch the hummingbirds.  Sometimes, out of nowhere, one will just fly straight up out of a tree, pause, and then zoom off in one direction.  It all happens so fast I'm not always sure I saw it happen.  The swallows have been absent for quite a while.

And then there was this young hawk.  My landlady and I each saw it at two different times swoop in towards the birds.  Fortunately it missed and the little ones fled quickly.  There are two rather thick bushes right there for them to hide in.  I suspect the hawk then realized that this was not going to be the easy pickings it anticipated.  We have not seen it for over a month.  Grateful.  As are the little birds, I'm sure.

I am very glad I have taken all of these pictures as it has helped me piece together the missing parts of my life!

Nicholson Hand Blown Ornaments, Auburn, CA
So, since I have made it to, and recognize it is, mid December, I need to ramp it up a titch so everything I want to do will be accomplished by my time frame.  Next up is making the fudge.  I think this is the only thing my son ever wants from me.  It sure makes it simple, when it turns out, of course.  Keep your fingers crossed, Tim!  I'll bring it when I come to pick up the car.  And thanks to my daughter-in-law who introduced me to my new favorite soap.

Yes, I am in the throws of buying a car, with the help of my son and his friend.  I few things need to be done to wrap it up and who knows, I may have a set of wheels by New Years.  This will open up a whole new aspect of my Adventures.  More about all of that later.  For now, I need to get the ingredients to make Panocha!

To All Those Celebrating,
Happy Birthday!

"Every generation laughs at the old fashions,
but follows religiously the new."
Henry David Thoreau

Enjoy whatever you wear!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Merry Christmas 


Happy New Year!

The December SLO Coast Journal Article is now out and ready for viewing.  Just click on the link below. 

May this season be all you wish it to be!

Thursday, November 27, 2014


This is the season to be thankful for, well, everything.  Thankful for our day, our moment and our breath.  Thankful for the ability of each of our senses to provide us with their amazing abilities.  How wonderful this all is. 
 Who could ask for anything more?  Not me.  I have and enjoy absolutely everything I could possibly need.

Right now I am thankful for the lovely sounds of the finches in my yard (Yes, they found the thistle feeder!) as they chatter among themselves and excitedly work to get the best spot on the feeder.  I have Sparrows and Gold Finches with their bright yellow markings.  They share the space and occasionally there will be a Sparrow clutching to the cloth feeder along with the Finches.  Awesome and comical at the same time!

I am thankful for the warm sunshine today that will give way to welcomed rain in a few days.  I am thankful for all those walking the beach this morning saying "Hello" and "Happy Thanksgiving."  I am thankful for the Monarch Butterfly that landed on my white chrysanthemum this morning.  It just goes on and on.  So, from my little space here on the Central Coast of California, to all of you, wherever you are, may you find bounty all around you.

Wishing all of you the blessings of this Season!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Wonderful visitors this time of year come to the Central Coast to share our temperate climate.  There are groves of Eucalyptus trees here where they hunker in at night and then as it warms in the morning, they are flying all over our area in search of nectar's.   There are many internet sites that sing the praises of these remarkable, beautiful, little insects and their amazing travels every year.  The Monarch Butterfly is truly a gem of Mother Nature and we are honored every year to have them spend their winters with us.

I attempted to capture a picture of them feeding on a butterfly bush when the wind was blowing.  I'm uncertain which was moving more, me or the bush.  Needless to say, success was mostly lacking.  I also had a few struggling to obtain any food left to my quickly fading Lobelia flowers.  While the color contrast was beautiful, they moved on quickly, causing me to suspect they thought food gathering would be more plentiful elsewhere.  They even moved on without providing me with enough time to get my camera!

We are also a winter resting spot for many migratory birds.  They arrive every year and the National Audubon Society lists Morro Bay as a Globally Important Bird Area, according to a local source.  The migrants join our year round residents of herons, egrets and brown pelicans for a wonderful mix of feathered friends all around the estuary.  

There are also many blooming flowers that seem to come and go throughout the year.  Their colors are so vibrant and catch the eye so quickly.  My dahlia's have bitten the dust so to speak and I need to trim the brown tops so perhaps they will come back as full and colorful as they were this year. 

And this is just to show what owners do to their "hedge" jade plants when they get overgrown.  I know how all you jade plant lovers are in horror seeing what is done, though they truly grow as hedges outside on their own and can become overgrown to the point of blocking sidewalks.  This particular hedge is in Cayucos and is only one of many.

I am always amazed with how my little succulent has grown and how intricate my dahlia's have been this year.  And when I see a picture of them, I feel so happy inside just to be able to look at them every day.  Of course, the dahlia is faded, though, I have high hopes for next season.

And then there is the sun, moon, clouds and all that that entails.  I only need to step outside my door, look out and behold whatever is the offering.  I can get lost in cloud formations, sun rises/sets, moon rises/sets and everything in between.  

We had almost three quarters of an inch of rain recently and everything got a good washing, plants and trees got a good soaking and the air is fresh and clean.  Everything, including the people, seems to have a fresher outlook and a brighter perspective.  Here is hoping this is the start of a wonderful wet winter season that will bring abundance in the spring.  Thanks to all those rain dancers!!!

Happy Birthday,
 To All Those Celebrating!

Happy Birthday,

"If we do not feel gratitude
for what we already have,
what makes us think
we'd be happy with more."

Enjoy what you have!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014



And now it is November already!  Gracious...

May each of you enjoy the Thankful Season as we remember and share all we are grateful for in this lifetime.  

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Click on the link and enjoy.