Sunday, February 22, 2015


  1. The cedar waxwing is a member of the family Bombycillidae or waxwing family of passerine birds. It is a medium sized, mostly brown, gray, and yellow bird named for its wax-like wing tips. Wikipedia
  2. Scientific nameBombycilla cedrorum
I copied the above from Google images since I was very unsuccessful in capturing a photo of these birds from the high distance at the top of the Sycamore Tree next door.
                                                                                               The Cedar Waxwing birds have now left our area after eating all of the berries on Chris' bush.  They were here for almost a month.  The interesting thing I noticed of these handsome birds is how they always faced the sun when they perched on the huge Sycamore tree in between their feeding feast in the berry bush. 

They always seemed to be in groups and took turns feeding on the berries.  Chris did have to move her car from under the tree due to the droppings.  It was quite a mess.  Things are back to normal for parking, though sad to say,  these lovely birds have moved on.  

The good news is that I still have the gold finches, towhee's and sparrows as everyday visitors.  The mocking bird shows up frequently sharing the new songs it has learned.  It apparently has dropped his version of the wood pecker for now.  I think a good thing.  The Eurasian Collared Dove have made a new nest so we will be expecting soon.  I also saw a pair of mourning dove a few days ago.  As dense as the olive tree is I imagine there is enough room at the "Inn" for all of them.

The car!    Well, the beginning of this tale goes back to December, 2014.  Things were moving along nicely with negotiations and everything else agreed upon and settled.  The vehicle had been checked by a mechanic and the seller and I agreed on a sale price to cover the estimated repairs.  Then we began the complicated process of determining and acquiring the required documents for DMV.  We finally got that nailed down and forwarded the documents to the seller for signatures.  And then, no response from the seller.

In order to avoid compromising the issue, let's just say it may be another month before I actually take custody of the vehicle.  Lots of paperwork, some mechanic work to be done, smog check and additional DMV involvement must be accomplished before all is said and done.  I am holding good thoughts for the end of March. 

We had some good rain a bit ago and a little recently, which is keeping our lovely hills green, though now we may be back to a short dry spell.  We also had some unusually beautiful weather for this time of year.  Fog showed up a few days ago and I had almost forgotten how that feels.  Good for the skin though can be challenging for the spirits.  The sun is back out today along with a breeze and I am loving it!  

I am continuing to celebrate my birthday.  I read somewhere that we truly can celebrate for 30 days before and 30 days after the actual event.  I am testing it out and it feels as though it is a good thing to do.  I seem to be able to celebrate any time, birthday or not.  So, feel free to join me whenever you wish.  I know where all the great goodies and ice cream places are in town.  Thank you to all who have and will share it with me...

It is amazing to realize that I have been back here in Morro Bay for a little over a year now.  And I have been in my sweet little space for eleven months.  At times it feels as though I have been here all of my life, and yet at other times it feels as though I have just arrived and there is so much to explore.  

I still have the excitement of actually being here.  I continue to be grateful every day I awake and realize where I am.  And I love how everything changes every day here and each venture out brings new people to chat with and new creatures to observe.  Sometimes it is revisiting old friends and critters.  I am beyond blessed!!!

I am able to notice that the sun is moving more north in the sky now.  I have more sunshine on my south facing deck and the flowers are benefiting.  I also have a clear round prism hanging in my south facing door window that is now generating beautiful rainbow spots all over my living space.

They are on the walls, floor, ceiling and the spaces in between.  The colors are so vibrant (may be because the glass is clean?) and bring me smiles having them all around.  One of my simple pleasures in life.  Loving it all.  

Jacaranda Tree  -   Google image  
 Many planted in landscaping in San Luis Obispo. 

On my recent walks through the older neighborhoods of San Luis Obispo, I have come across the pods these amazing trees produce.  Good ole Google Search helped me learn which tree generated the pods.  And, so here you have it.  A most beautiful tree in bloom offering the most amazing pods.  I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across these treasures and will keep a few as a reminder of these spectacular trees.  I will plant a few seeds to see if I can grow one of these beautiful trees.  That would be awesome!!!  I also hope to be in San Luis when they all bloom.  

To All Those Celebrating,
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday,

-Mahatma Gandhi

Enjoy your change!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Reflections, even though it is cloudy!

Sunrises    It is impossible for me to get my fill of sunrises.  Each one is so very different.  Any sort of cloud or cloud cover can generate amazing colors.  Fog can do the same making things appear rather eerie.  I love seeing the sun as it rises and reflects on the waters in the harbor.  There is this whole magical thing that happens, as far as I am concerned.  

There is this opening in a plant at the waterfront!

Sunsets     Sunsets are just as varied depending on all kinds of conditions.  Mostly clouds and fog.  It is fun to find different places to be for picture taking.  Obviously, I have found that taking pictures through plants can produce some interesting results.    Some are so serene and others can be so dramatic.

Notice Morro Rock in the background!

Christmas leftovers    Thankfully a few residents left their Christmas light decorations on until New Years.  I actually convinced one owner to put them on so I could take pictures.  His Cypress tree is lovely and he carefully decorates it, expanding his work each year.  He hand crafts the light balls and says he has some surprises in store for next year.  I am looking forward to that.  Only ten months to go.

Found    Christmas tags after I bought some.  There is this whole thing about what I packed and forgot I had when I started my Adventure.  I only had limited space in my motor home so I was very selective about what I brought with me.  Some things have been a surprise and others, well, let's just say I thought I brought them, only to not find them anywhere.  Oh joy!  Oh frustration!  It all makes me laugh.  Check us out!  
Adopt a Seal
Help our patients get a second chance at life.
Garnett, marine mammal center, harbor seal

New Volunteer      I am now a new volunteer with The Marine Mammal Center.  The main Center is located in Sausalito, California and we have a satellite triage center here in Morro Bay.  I have completed the training for handling and capturing stranded marine mammals and animal husbandry.  Huge amounts to learn and this feels it will be a good fit for me with getting involved with the community.  (Animals, that is!)  So if you see some wild woman with a net running down the beach, it could be me!

I anticipate working with Northern Elephant Seals, Harbor Seals, Northern Fur Seals and California Sea Lions.  There is a lot of work with the rescuing and and rehabilitation efforts involved, so I will be getting continuous training as I help them out.  Truly excited about this next opportunity of my Adventure.  

I will discuss the whole car thing in my next writing.  This has been one of those experiences that has brought patience to a whole new level.  And lots of laughing.

Until then, take care of yourself!  Someone loves you!!!

This incredible adorable little rose grows in a rather neglected flower bed near the grocery store! 

To All of Those Celebrating,
Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday,

"The best way to predict your future
is to create it."
Zig Ziglar

Enjoy your Nature!!!

Friday, February 6, 2015


I love the reflections and colors!!!

found   There are those wonderful days when everything just seems to sail along smoothly.  You take a walk in the early morning hours while everything is fresh and new and covered with morning mist.  You just happen to look down at the edge of a bush and low and behold, you have now been given a five dollar bill still damp from being out all night.  You don't even bother to look around to see if anyone dropped it because the bill is cold and no one has been around where you are walking.  Love it!!!  Thank you, Universe.

spied    Then as you continue to walk feeling the moisture of the spray from the ocean waves, you hear the amazing call of a falcon.  Looking up where they are known to nest, there it is.  A Peregrine Falcon!!  It is boldly sitting out at the edge of a hole in the massive Morro Rock, calling for its mate.  And then a bird circles the nest site before gently gliding into the entrance.  The two disappear inside, chattering to each other and then they, one by one, exit their home.  Flying in different directions, they go out of my sight.  Simply amazing to see and watch these fast flyers.  What a gift.  Again, thank you, Universe.

shades of green     The recent rains have been sent from above to nurture the grasses on the hills surrounding the Central Coast.  There are many different grasses lending to various shades of green throughout the hills.  It is magnificent to see.  The gifts continue.  The predictions are for additional rain storms to continue the end of January and through February.  Let's keep these hills green!  Gotta love the Universe.

Cactus with blooms!

cactus   It is interesting to find cactus growing here.  There are, however, several growing along the edges of Morro Rock along the drive to the jetty.  I am uncertain if many people actually notice them since they are close to the rock and I suspect visitors are focused on the waves crashing over the jetty.  This is probably a good thing since there are signs of a few who have marred them.  Sometimes one just has to wonder what people are thinking.  Or are they?

People actually stand on the tops of the huge rocks!!!

crashing waves     The force of the waves crashing over the jetty is tremendous.  Most of the time it is a gentle splashing and folks will climb on the rocks to get a closer look.  Occasionally they get a bit too close for my comfort level, when the ocean is producing large waves that rise high over the jetty.  I have heard that some people have slipped and gotten trapped needing to be rescued.  I am grateful that this was not the case on my recent visit.

The feel of the open cafe's and hidden court yards!!!

Paris    Had some free time and decided to fly to Paris for a quick trip.  (NOT!)  One of the nursery's in Cambria has painted an entire side of one of their buildings with street scenes and set up charming tables and chairs for customers to enjoy.  We were there on a beautiful sunny day and it felt as though we might actually have been there.  It was totally lovely!!!  The nursery was having their after Christmas sale and some of us found some great deals.  Joyce & Dean!

Blooming jade plants at Carol's!

blooms     This is what jade plants do here on a regular basis.  They bloom their little heads off and totally alter their appearance.  It is simply stunning here now with jade plants blooming all over town.  They do wonderfully outside all year long here, which is due to the temperate climate.  Other places I have lived, they did fine indoors during the winter months and then loved being outside during the summers.  Had to keep them in the shade if it got too hot.  They also took a lot of watering then, as well.

I will do another writing in a few days.  There is just so much going on and many things to bring everyone up to date on, that I could go on and on into the late night hours.  Enough for now.

Christmas lights and balls on a cypress tree here!

To All Those Celebrating,
Happy Birthday!

Belated Birthday Wishes to:

Me!  (Still celebrating)

Happy Birthday!


"The body has what my father called,
it's own healing mechanism,
and he went further and said,
'It's the doctors duty to
activate and reactivate
the body's own healing mechanism."
- Charlotte Gerson from Food Matters

Enjoy your gifts!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Sad news to announce:  

The editor of the SLO Coast Journal has health issues that currently prevent her from continuing her efforts of producing the monthly publication.  

Therefore, the following is the article that would have been in the February issue.


I think I get just as excited about the moon setting in the early morning hours as I do sunsets in the evenings.  When the moon is full it seems to gently ease back towards earth while the sun is beginning to reach for the crest of the ridge and shine.  

In those early morning hours, the air is cool and the ever so subtle hues of pinks and blues and grays appear to layer themselves as the moon glides through the changing shades.  It is very calming and serene to watch, even though I know that at my back is the rising sun ready to illuminate the day and dull the brilliance of the setting moon.

As the moon goes through its waning process it rises later and hence sets later, while the sun is already up and doing its thing.  There are many times the moon is visible in the sky in the late afternoon as it is waxing.  The only issue I have is that I can see the stars very clearly on nights when the moon is almost invisible.  When the moon is full with all its luminescence, the stars are mostly invisible.  

So, it gives me great pleasure to enjoy each depending on the state of the moon.  Our next full moon is February 3rd, and according to the Farmers Almanac, is called the Full Snow Moon and occurs at 6:09 pm Eastern Time.  I am sure there are places all over the world that will attest to the snow description, although here on the Central Coast it is quite unlikely.  I, for one, would love to experience it here on the coast.  It would be pure magic.

I remember many times, as a child and as an adult, when my Mom would drag me outside to take a peak at the moon when it was full.  She was always excited to do this, even if it was freezing cold or raining.  This was something she always enjoyed and I guess this was instilled in me at a very young age.  I am grateful she did since now I derive great pleasure from doing the same.

I always think of her each time I am standing there looking into the night sky to catch a glimpse of this amazing orb in the heavens.  I still recall her giggle, even in her much later years of life, as we donned appropriate gear and scurried outside to see the spectacle.  Even if we only saw it for a few seconds, it was enough to satisfy her need of the moment.  How wonderful such a simple event could bring such joy and excitement.

I trust I will always treasure this event of life as I go through the coming years.  And I think too, that she is watching as well and we are enjoying the delight together.  It has been several years since her passing and I imagine she has a entirely different perspective of what we have witnessed in our solar system.  I am certain that someday she will tell me all about it!!!

Friday, January 2, 2015


Photo from Jen!

The ending of a year
and the beginning of another year
is a very curious thing. 

 Most of us close each year with a celebration of some sort.  There is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more, all representative of varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It seems in each way, there are gifts offered and received, wishes offered and received, and prayers offered and received.  They all seem to be a celebration of sorts based on some event that had occurred in their cultural/ethnic  past.

This appears to be fitting for closing a year.  Celebrate all of the events and happenings which occurred from start to finish.  Celebrate all the ups and downs.  While the ups may have brought us great joy, the downs perhaps have given us much learning and new perspectives on what had transpired.  It is all to be celebrated as it all brings us to the present.

 And too, the new year is to be celebrated as we are now about to begin again to work and stride towards our goals and desires and somehow fulfill our most precious dreams.  Perhaps in that instant between the ending year and the beginning year we may receive some sort of inspiration or insight that will aid us as we move forward.

In a sense it seems rather silly to think that in that instant we will transform our lives and become someone we want to be.  How can this happen in an instant?  Many will tell you it has happened to them.  That they felt they had new life breathed into them and it sparked a transformation of how they then lived their lives.  Others will shrug and sigh at the thought of having to endure just another year of the same.

I think we all have a choice of what will occur in that instant.  I think this may occur at any time that we choose.  I think we are capable of generating that spark at any time to make any change that we may want.  I think all we may need to do is decide and point and go.  Decide what we want, point ourselves in the direction that will take us there, and take that first step.  Yes, take that first step.

So, for me, this ending/beginning instant will be perfect as I set out to do more in my community.  I intend to purchase mostly "Made in America" goods and perhaps start a small garden of my own.  I intend to eat as healthy as possible and I know this includes some desserts.  I intend to have as much joy in my life as  possible.  And I intend to express myself in loving ways that will honor you and me as we explore this new frontier of a "New Year!"

Wishing you a safe, joyful, prosperous,
and magnificent "instant"
to take you on whatever
wondrous adventure is to your liking.

Happy New Year!

Photo from Jen!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!


Cambria Christmas Lights

Wishing each of you
a most wondrous season
filled with joy and laughter 
and most of all, heartfelt love.
I am grateful for each of you in my life.
  And yes, even those I have yet to meet.  

Cambria Christmas Lights

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Early Morning Mid December

When did this happen?  Where was I?  Where was everybody else?  Wasn't anybody watching?  Seriously!!!  So, here I am just minding my own business here on the Central Coast and all of a sudden it is the middle of December.  I am still enjoying left over turkey from Thanksgiving.  (Don't panic, it has been frozen!)

Early morning Moon Set
I also have one of three packages shipped and the bulk of cards are in the mail, so I am ahead of things in my account.  I am just failing to remember all that happened between Thanksgiving and now.  I guess I should have realized the time thing since I have received packages and cards and everything is showing signs of Christmas.  Red, green and white colors are everywhere in decorations all over town and it is very festive.

We had the lighted boat parade, which was lovely, although my pictures didn't turn out very well because I was so far away.  The crowd was very mellow and the weather was perfect.  Zero wind left the harbor water smooth as glass, and with all the reflections of the lights on the water, it was magical.  My favorite was the Christmas tree.  The flame throwing dragon was absent.  There was also a very "partying" party boat containing, what sounded as, persons in various stages of intoxication.  The skipper must have been sober as the vessel stayed its course as boisterous banters continued between those on board and those on shore.

Sunset appears to be a fire storm after the rain,
We all seem to be no worse for wear here after the "huge" storm.  Lots of wind, with the Harbor reporting one gust at 72 mph, and rain, measured at almost two inches at the Harbor.  A full rainbow covered the rock early that one morning and that was beautiful. Surrounding areas had more, so it all helps as the hills are finally turning green.  It has been way too long.  The aftermath generated a spectacular sunset the last night.  And the following morning, while cool, was beautiful.  Everything is super clean and refreshed and feels ready for whatever is next.

Sunset after storm
My poor mums were rather beaten up and rain soaked and it seems two may be done for the season.  I put everything close together for protection which actually worked fairly well.  A limb broke off of the tree in the front yard.  Thankfully it was small and there is no damage.  I can't say the same for the rest of the town.  I heard of power outages and lots of debris down throughout.  The surf and waves over the jetty was amazing.

Old Glory standing guard as sunset reflects on clouds.
My heart goes out to all those adversely affected by the storm on both coasts.  A whole community in Camarillo was slammed by a mud/rock slide where debris reached the roof tops of two story homes.  While no one was seriously injured, they are saying it will be months to restore the area.  The pictures were shocking.

Coast Guard vessel on the right.  Lights on both.
There is so much energy from the ocean.  When it is stormy it is major intensified.  It was interesting to watch the Coast Guard standing by as a few small fishing boats braved a passage through the harbor entrance.  Then there were two party fishing boats attempting to go out.  After about twenty minutes of waiting and watching, both felt is was too unsafe and returned to the docks.  I'm certain boat owners and fishermen were all disappointed.  Still, better safe than sorry.

It is fun to see the on lookers who brave the elements and go out to the jetty to watch.  Some are in awe and some seem a bit careless by getting a bit too close to harms way.  To each their own.  I have to admit, it is comforting to know that we have our own Coast Guard personnel here ready to do what is needed of them.  I enjoy watching them as they protect those traversing the harbor entrance, which can be quite dangerous.

So, my only gripe is that Trader Joe's changed their Almond Butter.  It now has cashews in it and it is now in a plastic jar instead of glass.  I rarely let things bother me. Takes too much energy away from other things I prefer to give my attention to.  Anyway, this one gnawed at me just enough to prompt me to send them an email.  To date, no response.  I am sure they will return this product to its original state just because I want them to.  (Ha ha!)  At least they now know my feelings as I have expressed them.  Done!

Finches!!!  I have gold finches and more.  It is awesome to see and listen to them.  A few of the swallows have taken to hanging on the feeders to get seed as well.  This aspect of my little yard is so calming and joy producing.  I also can report that my succulents are thriving.  The once tiny little plants are now huge and beautiful and have developed into some amazing specimens.  So, overall, my space is perfect.  

Joyce and I went to the Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo and we spied this little fellow:

Who will one fine day magically transform into one of these:

During my morning swims, when it is early and things have yet to reach full momentum for the day, it is always fun to watch the hummingbirds.  Sometimes, out of nowhere, one will just fly straight up out of a tree, pause, and then zoom off in one direction.  It all happens so fast I'm not always sure I saw it happen.  The swallows have been absent for quite a while.

And then there was this young hawk.  My landlady and I each saw it at two different times swoop in towards the birds.  Fortunately it missed and the little ones fled quickly.  There are two rather thick bushes right there for them to hide in.  I suspect the hawk then realized that this was not going to be the easy pickings it anticipated.  We have not seen it for over a month.  Grateful.  As are the little birds, I'm sure.

I am very glad I have taken all of these pictures as it has helped me piece together the missing parts of my life!

Nicholson Hand Blown Ornaments, Auburn, CA
So, since I have made it to, and recognize it is, mid December, I need to ramp it up a titch so everything I want to do will be accomplished by my time frame.  Next up is making the fudge.  I think this is the only thing my son ever wants from me.  It sure makes it simple, when it turns out, of course.  Keep your fingers crossed, Tim!  I'll bring it when I come to pick up the car.  And thanks to my daughter-in-law who introduced me to my new favorite soap.

Yes, I am in the throws of buying a car, with the help of my son and his friend.  I few things need to be done to wrap it up and who knows, I may have a set of wheels by New Years.  This will open up a whole new aspect of my Adventures.  More about all of that later.  For now, I need to get the ingredients to make Panocha!

To All Those Celebrating,
Happy Birthday!

"Every generation laughs at the old fashions,
but follows religiously the new."
Henry David Thoreau

Enjoy whatever you wear!!!